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Hey folks, I'm
Alisher Developer 3D modeler

Building a successful product is a challenge. I am highly energetic in building large systems, software engineering and web development.

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Things I have developed



Frontend developerSOFTIX-UZ

I work on the SOFTIX team as a Frontend Developer and have been involved in several startups during this time.


Self learnerPersonal Projects

All big things start from the smallest! During this time, I did small projects to increase my experience and gain more knowledge.



NestJS && NextJSWeb development

During this time I switched from Javascript programming language to Typescript, doing backend enginnering that I liked. I also learned technologies like NestJS, TypeORM, Swagger, NextJS.


NodeJS && ReactJSWeb Development

When it came to backend development, NodeJS was my favorite programming language. I also studied ReactJS technology and a number of UI systems in order to perform certain tasks.


Blender3D modelling

I became interested in 3D modeling and learned how to make a model for games and bring it to product mode.

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